Ganna drag Maddie into a roleplay with me. She can’t escape.

Summer Goal: Play all the Fire Emblem games.

Starting in may I’ll be looking for a new photographer (For cosplay) due to the fact that my two main one’s will be too far to get to most of the time. 

I’ll be living near State College Pennsylvania area. 
I will need pictures taken of costumes for print so I can start selling them. I profit of what I make will be going to the photographer. 

If anyone is interested please contact me here or at


Cute boy from class messaging me on fb. aweeeeyeaaaaaah

People are too sensitive holy shit., 

Anyone wanna do a deadman wonderland cosplay with me?

I feel extremely sick. Cool.

i just wish I could get back into drawing fml

I think I’m finally slimming down to my goal of 108 and abs.