So many people I know are in this class. It’s cool

I’m torn between wrong theory stuff for neverland Peter Pan ideas or reading Tokyo ghoul. Halp

I really need more cute clothing

Fire emblem time. Then I need to sleep. Tommorow is Ganna be long.

FINALLY FILLED MY QUEUE. I’m good for 6 days

Ganna think about inuyasha and try and pass out yoooo

Stares into the sun my birthday is this month yay presents eww getting older

My belly piercing has been kinda hurting?? Like sore. Idk. I woke up this morning and it was hurting.

Watching borderline Hentai with your friends. Ye

Seriously. As soon as I want to play a game with everyone. I’m so done.

Kinda secret cosplay is kinda secret

Reasons I don’t bother writing slides in class: professors change it before I’m done writing.

I woke up at 5. I don’t have class till 9. Why