Cheese cake factory for the first time. Eating dairy and not caring!

Sorry that con post keeps getting reposted.

Might cut my hair short for reasons. Yep

Wifi at this hotel is shit so I can’t do much on my phone. And in deaf cause earplugs right now.
So sleep since jill is sleeping.

Ok beyond mad right now

I hate people who are full of themselves.

Okay guys for real. What problems do you think the cosplay community has?

I really want to do a research paper on cosplay

Man I’ve been sleeping so shitty lately.

Ganna shower….in a sec.

Pretty busy today tho. Class then catching up on homework before con this weekend. Then gatta get my costumes together. Work at 6. Then leaving at 10.

I don’t want to get up.

I’ll fill my queue tomorrow. Maybe. For now. Sleep. Lots of class and things tomorrow