Meh I give up sewing for tonight. I just wanna finish this commission and send it off God.

Setsucon is probably my last con for a long time

Idk if I wanna play video games or not. What do.

The fact that I have an f in one of my classes for midterm is extremely upsetting and makes me not want to try for the rest of the semester. I should just fail out and give up. But. I try and not think about that. It’s hard not to. But I’m trying to better myself.

Lmao talking about Ebola in personality psych

Ganna sit in my room all day prob.

I wanna watch stuff on crunchy roll but the app is freaking out.

Got homework done. So Ganna work on my commission and watch dragon ball z movies

I’m also so broke its not even funny. I’m literally giving up all hope.

Literally to the point where I want to drop out. I’m so tired of trying. I have a ton of assignments due tonight and i don’t even want to do them now.

Yaaay more self hate over my grades!!

I’m Ganna start handling my problems by yelling ” Hyah ” at them.
Don’t know the answer on a test? Ima just write Hyah

Why is it so cold outside QAQ