hyperventalaits about zelda

I’m sitting in my underwear eating dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for breakfast.

I should shower and go to the fabric store

When I go home for Christmas I’m making my sister wear one of my costumes.

Sometimes I laugh because I realize how different me and my sister

Might cosplay Elizabeth from bioshock guys!

I’m probably going to Otakon but I don’t have my artist friends with me to help with my Jinx tattoos. Any of my followers going who might be available for an hour one morning to come assist me?

Ganna play some zelda and then go through my fabric.

Things I lost at connecticon: All of my fake lashes, lotion, flash drive, and 3ds charger.

groans. I need fake lashes for cosplay. better go buy some for Otakon

So many people asking me about commissions I am a happy girl ;u; 

Tho…I should work on cosplay…but zelda

Man if anyone commissioned me to make Fishbones it’d be like $300. He was expensive plus a pain to make.

Yo dudes I’m getting desperate for some money for cosplay. If I were to take cosplay commissions what would you people be interested in?

( I would also charge for materials plus labor. )